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Los esqueletos

Photogravure · 2007


Photogravure · 2007

Child’s Grave, McIvers, NL

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True Four-plate CMYK Photogravure

This print is a rare, hand-pulled, four-plate CMYK photogravure. For this image, I made a fourth plate (black) to make it a true CMYK image along with the usual cyan, magenta and yellow plates. Also included here is a detail of the gravure print and a photographic version of the original source image for comparison.

Deli Sacilotto is credited with printing the first three-colour flat-plate photogravure prints in 1985 of Robert Mapplethorpe's portraits of Ken Moody at GraphicStudio. Since then, very few have successfully worked with this difficult and demanding process. In our photogravure/sequential imaging research which began in 2007, Marlene MacCallum, Pierre LeBlanc and myself have made it a point to successfully print CMYK photogravures. We have incorporated digital technologies in order to create the separation positives which are output on Pictorico film using a large format Epson printer. The final print, however, is made from four copper plates, etched traditionally like all photogravures, and hand-printed on an intaglio press using a pin-registration system.

Child’s Grave, McIvers, NL

Four-plate CMYK photogravure · 17.9 × 27.9 cm · 2007/2008

Child’s Grave, McIvers, NL

Detail from photogravure print

Child’s Grave, McIvers, NL

Original digital source image · 2007

boy and Ironman

Photogravure on digital output · 2009

girl and Barbie

Photogravure on digital output · 2009

"Carmen" test 4-plate CMYK photogravure

Thanks go to Adobe for the base image that I used to test four-plate CMYK photogravure. Marlene created new image curves for the positive separations, and a new curve for the etching step-scale (top). It seems to work well since the skin-tones are pretty good. · 2009

"Hands", made for bookwork: "Died" (see below for more)

8" x 10" four-plate CMYK photogravure. I wonder if this may be one of the last copper-plate CMYK gravures. Recent announcements that Autotype is no longer manufacturing its gelatine carbon photogravure tissue may mean the end of such extravagant images. · 2009


Experimental bookwork, 21 cm six-sided flexigon fold, inkjet on tyvek. Variations using a human skull, an alien skull, and an altered book. · 2010


Experimental altered bookwork, 15 cm long with 10 cm steel bolt. · 2010

Lost Album

Experimental bookwork, 18.5 cm x 13 cm closed, with 33 cm x 25 cm end-panels. Altered photographs and scanned album pages, printed on tyvek and inkjet paper with end boards. · 2010


Four-plate CMYK photogravure, 14.6 cm x 17.5 cm · 2010

Rocks at Cox's Cove

Photo-polymergravure, 19.1 cm x 25.0 cm · 2011

Detail of the Lyric Cranium Wunderkammer

iPhone Photo as of April · 2013

Lyric Cramium pinhole V.01

Digital scan of 4x5 neg, print size varies · 2014

The Agglomeration Imperative #1

Installation at the John M. Parrott Art Gallery, Belleville, ON · Jan. 4 - Feb. 11, 2017

Vanitas Niche I

cast paper niche with prints · 2019

Vanitas Niche II

cast paper niche with prints · 2019

Vanitas Niche III

cast paper niche with prints · 2019